Welcome to Woodism - Your Source for Wall Art Made of Personal Inspiring Quotes!

Woodism is the result of a very special collaboration between Woody, a young autistic boy with a big heart, and his father Sonny. Together, they create attractive and charming typography linocut prints based on the quirky yet perceptive things that Woody says. 

Woody brings such delight with his inspirational quotes, not just to us, but to people all around the world. Woodisms provide a peek into Woody’s beautiful autistic mind and aid in promoting autism acceptance, as well as being such a rewarding way for Woody and his dad to connect.

Woody is dedicated to spreading joy and promoting autism awareness by sharing his unique perspective. Our collection features a wide range of Woody’s remarkable observations about life and the people he loves. 

Woody was born here in the UK, where and his family first founded Woodism. Woody’s quotes combined with Sonny’s beautiful printmaking quickly proved popular for wall decoration throughout the United Kingdom, before taking off around the world. The family have since moved to Australia, where Woody and Sonny have continued to produce prints. In fact, it’s a business for the whole family! Woody provides the inspired quotes and picks out the colours, Sonny manages the lino cutting and printing, Woody’s mother Charlotte handles all the social media content and little sister Essie provides quality control.

Together, the entire Woody family is truly touched by the inspirational impact Woodism is having, and they hope you find Woody’s words of wisdom as delightful as we do.