• Melbourne dad's special project with autistic son

    Sonny and Charlotte Adorjan were so struck by their autistic sonWoody's observations about life, they knew they had to share them with the world.

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  • Autistic boy's lockdown quotes turned into art

    Woody is only eight years old but he has a lot to say about lockdown. BBC Story

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  • Great minds don’t think alike: How to tap the neurodivergent talent pool

    There’s a perception that people with autism don’t have much empathy, but Woody is almost more empathetic than anyone I’ve ever met...

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  • Autistic boy’s poetic quotes about lockdown are turned into art

    ‘It’s his way of getting out that worry and fear and frustration the only way he knows how,’ says Woody’s mother...

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  • I made this: The design business born from an autistic child's perspective

    Phrases uttered by Woody, who is autistic, have been transformed into prints by his parents.

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  • Sonny Adorjan launches Woodism, a shop selling artworks based on his autistic son's charming phrases

    The creative process gave Woody and his father a chance to connect as they worked on the designs.

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  • Dad turns wonderful words from son with autism into Valentine's Day cards

    Spring for a card for your other half to show them how much you care. When you do, consider buying a WOODISM card.

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  • Woodism reminds us to celebrate everyday little moments of joy

    There is joy and love in abundance in a new creative project which aims to document the outpourings of love from a little boy to his family.

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  • Behind The Brand: Woodism

    With years of creating advertising for major global brands under his belt, Sonny Adorjan wanted to apply his skills to something more personal and worthwhile.

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